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w/ Commentary From Band

We've added a GALLERY page featuring photos, flyers/tickets & memorabilia.

Includes commentary from band members past & present!

More to be added in the near future.
The Dickies Official Online Store OPEN NOW!

2/4/19: Where Will You Get It? At the store, of course.

I’m happy to announce that after DECADES of mayhem & inactivity the Dickies are opening an online merch store. It’s been WAY overdue and now Dickies enthusiasts from all over the world can have their swag needs met. No not THAT Dickies. That line is for squares. THIS Dickies. The legendary pop/punk band who’ve entertained and influenced so many for so long.

I wanna load it up with Dickies toasters, cell phone covers, capes, spats, dogfood bowls and even buttplugs. Don’t think I’m not working on it. “Paraphernalia, badges and regalia…" -- Leonard Graves Phillips

The Dickies Official Online Store COMING SOON!

The first box of limited edition merchandise for the VERY FIRST OFFICIAL DICKIES BAND ONLINE STORE EVER has arrived! We will launch next week!

Leonard Graves Phillips Interview: 12.23.18

talks to Leonard about The Dickies, punk rock, influences, etc.

"We were first to sign with a major label which immediately put the arc of our evolution and success way beyond that very same scene who’d embraced us previously."

- Leonard Graves Phillips.