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Stan Lee, Matt Dillon, Billy Club, Nicky Beat, Glen Laughlin & Leonard Phillips at CBGB in 1982.
Photo by Anthony Gliozzo. From the personal archives of Glen Laughlin

Why I thought having a cigarette in my nose was cool is beyond me. Nicky Beat, orig drummer for the Weirdos. Rosemary is Matt Dillon's fave Dickies song. -- Leonard Graves Phillips

Someone offered Stan a ‘61 SG Jr. for $300.00 at this show. He didn’t have the money, so I bought it and played it through the tour and sold it to him at the end of the tour. Matt Dillon apparently wanted to prove his Punk cred by destroying the stall door on one of the toilets. Beats me.. -- Glen Laughlin / Guitar sporadically from 1982-2001